Mutemath Perform and Discuss “Blood Pressure”

Two hours before they’d take the stage for a performance that sold-out in five minutes and two days before Hurricane Irene would sort of embarrass a somewhat frantic Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New Orleans rockers Mutemath and I took refuge in the lower depths of the historic rock venue Mercury Lounge in New York City. There, the band performed and the discussed their new single “Blood Pressure” off their their upcoming album “Odd Soul” which drops Oct. 4. The song, as drummer Darren King explained, addresses their somewhat intense Christian upbringing as well as other daily stresses in life. The conversation humorously detoured from that upbringing to Judaism to parenting. Watch it below, but just so you know:

The band, which also consists of front man Paul Meany, bassist/guitarist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and new guitarist Todd Gummerman, are currently playing a few dates here or there before launching their “Odd Soul Introduction Tour” on Sept. 7. That month-long tour will see the quartet playing smaller venues before setting off for a full-fledged arena tour that matches their “Typical” big sound. Thankfully, as I found, the band don’t have big egos. That’s saying something considering they’ve had hit albums (their last “Armistice” debuted at Number 3 on Billboard’s Digital Albums and Alternative charts), have been featured on the Twilight soundtrack (“Spotlight” didn’t suck), and had one of their tracks performed on juggernaut American Idol (Sideshow Bob look-a-like Chris Sligh performed “Typical” in 2007.) Listen and watch below…

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