A-Sides with Michelle Branch

98 Degrees. Limp Bizkit. O-Town. So many artists from the Total Request Live (TRL) era have gone the way of the dodo or, fittingly, videos on MTV. Not Michelle Branch. Commercial success has followed the singer/songwriter since she unleashed her debut single “Everywhere” in 2001, which was played everywhere by the way (the album it was on — The Spirit Room — went double platinum.) Far from a one-hit wonder, the now 28 year old has had plenty of hit singles including “Breathe” and the 2002 Grammy Award-winning “Game of Love,” her duet with music master Santana. She’s also went a little bit country a few years back with The Wreckers, a Grammy nominated duo with her friend and fellow songstress Jessica Harp.

Later this fall, Branch will return to her rock roots with “West Coast Time,” her first full-length solo album since 2003’s “Hotel Paper.” The first single off the album, which will be distributed by Warner Bros. Records, is already tearing it up on VH1. Earlier this month in New York City, she performed that tune “Loud Music” as well as “For Dear Life” in the Warner Bros. Records offices. The latter, the musician explained, is all about her husband (and bandmate) Teddy Landau whom she has a six-year-old daughter with. Watch, listen, and enjoy — preferably in that order.

“For Dear Life” performed live on “A-Sides”

“Loud Music” performed live on “A-Sides”

“Loud Music” Official Music Video

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