“Fear” and “Fire” With Alcoholic Faith Mission and Gemma Ray

Who doesn’t like to start their morning off with a Danish quintet? I’m referring to a band that plays exceptionally well versus a plate full of pastries by the way — although both options are quite nice. In any event, the Coppenhagen-based Alcoholic Faith Mission stopped by the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, NY to perform on “A-Sides,” and discuss their new album Ask Me This.

The album marks the third full-length effort from the band, who got its name from an inside joke formed between band members Danes Thorben Seiero Jensen and Sune Solund following a drunken night in New York City. The pair had moved to Brooklyn some years back, and spotted a sign that read “Apostolic Faith Mission” during a night of drinking which they quickly swapped out the first word in favor of “Alcoholic.”

I could go on about the origins of the band, but you have full access to Google and Wikipedia. So here’s their performance of “We Need Fear” off the new album, and the interview. Watch. Listen. Love. Drink?

“We Need Fear” Performance on “A-Sides”

“A-Sides” Interview

Like Alcoholic Faith Mission, Gemma Ray hails from another country than I do. That opening sentence, while meaningless to you — the readers — is quite accurate to me. Moving on, this rising singer/songwriter creates such a moody, sometimes surf-inspired guitar-driven sound that one would immediately think she hails from Dick Dale Cali when, in reality, she comes from Margaret Thatcher country.

The UK dynamo, and I use that term hoping it makes a comeback, will release her sophomore effort Island Fire on May 29, and it cries for Quentin Tarantino to put some tracks in one of his films. Last month, Ray performed a pair of tracks off the album at the Music Conservatory on “A-Sides.” Listen to track “Flood and a Fire” and tell me you can’t visualize a future classic Tarantino film vignette set to it. In a world where any female singer coming out of England is going to get compared to the freight train known as Adele, Ray stands on her own with her Phil Spector-esque pop, and throwback and guitar-laden tracks. Catch her on tour this summer.

In the mean time… Watch. Listen. Love.

“Flood and a Fire”

“Trou De Loup”


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