“The One” Eric Benét

I had it planned out in my head. The first question I’d ask Eric Benét would be to discuss “Hallie….” then I’d pause briefly before he could get a word in, and say “Steinfeld – the teen star of True Grit.” Depending on his answer and assuming he had a strong sense of humor, my next series of questions would be asking the R&B star to open up about “Berry.” Once again, before he could answer, I’d ask him to weigh in on the following names: “Chuck Berry… Darryl Strawberry… Franken Berry.”

It seemed like a funny idea since I’m sure Benét gets asked about his ex-wife Halle Berry all the time, but something happened after he performed his song “Here in My Arms” on “A-Sides” and moments before we talked about it earlier this month. After a pitch-perfect acoustic version of that song, the down-to-earth Benét and I shot the you know what about everything from Dave Grohl to the superb current season of Mad Men. When the camera rolled (apologies for the dreadful quality – it was at one point HD but lord knows what happened in the conversion process) it was decided to focus on the music (because that’s what it’s really about) and wherever my brain took the interview.

Benét’s new album The One will be released on June 5 and has already spawned a hit single in “Real Love,” and its follow-up “Harriett Jones” was the #1 added song to urban AC radio last week. The album also features appearances by Lil Wayne and Shaggy, and includes the aforementioned “Here in My Arms,” a lullaby he wrote for his four-month-old baby girl Lucia Bella.

Watch the performance of that song below followed by an interview recorded in the Listening Room at Primary Wave Music in New York City on May 10. And catch Benét on the road with Ledisi this summer.

“Here in My Arms”

Interview Part One

Interview Part Two * (exclusive to asidesmusic.com)

WATCH: Official “Real Love” Music Video: http://bit.ly/JYo7nc

PRE-ORDER: Eric Benét’s The One: http://bit.ly/IWuPiS

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