Steve Aoki & Duran Duran Together in NY with Glee’s Mark Salling & More; “Good Times” with The Darkness

There are a few valuable lessons I’ve learned in life. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Don’t eat ice cream with a fork. And, last night, I added don’t use a FlipCam on a poorly lit, crammed red carpet at a New York City concert venue. On June 20, DJ Steve Aoki performed a special concert at Terminal 5 as part of Trident’s “Sweet What Unfolds Live” series. The mix master played to a crowd of 3,000 and was joined by surprise guests Duran Duran to perform their collaboration together – a remixed cover of their mega-hit “Hungry Like the Wolf.” Following the performance of that “New York Werewolf Mix,” the “Reflex” band performed a short set. Moments before the audience got sweaty in the pit to phat beats, Aoki, Duran Duran, and a notable stars took to the crowded (and less sweaty) red carpet located on the third-floor of the venue. The space was crammed. The view was dark, and I captured it all for your amusement. Below The Bachelorette’s Roberto Martinez addresses (or doesn’t address) rumors that he’ll be the next Bachelor, fellow contestant (and winner) J.P. Rosenbaum tolerates my line of questioning, and singer Solange Knowles chats about her anticipation to watch Aoki’s set. Oh, and there’s Glee’s Mark Salling talking about (finally graduating). Watch. Listen. Love?

The Darkness Believe In A Thing Called Comebacks
If you’re going to make a comeback, it might as well be on the biggest night of the year. On Feb. 5 moments before the New York Giants won the Superbowl, glam rockers The Darkness virtually popped up out of nowhere performing their hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Note. That night, the rockers – who had been away since 2005’s One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back – instantly became household names again.

On Aug. 21, the Brits will continue the trend by releasing Hot Cakes on Wind-up Records. The group, which consists of Justin Hawkins on vocals and guitars, Dan Hawkins on guitar and back-up vocals, Frankie Poullain on bass and Ed Graham on drums, just dropped their new single “Everybody Have A Good Time” and have been playing gigs to support their first record in, oh, seven years! I recently caught up with Hawkins and Graham and asked them all about it. Eat. Pray. Love.

A-Sides 5-Play
In a new feature, I’ll be posting five songs I’m currently playing for my son and eventually hope to have performed live on “A-Sides.” Cheers.
1. “Dreams So Real” – Metric
2. “Wash.” – Bon Iver
3. “Us Against the World” – Coldplay
4. “Nightcall” – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
5. “You’re Early” – 2:54

About A-Sides with Jon Chattman
Jon Chattman’s music series typically features artists (established or not) from all genres performing a track, and discussing what it means to them. This informal series focuses on the artist making art in a low-threatening, extremely informal (sometimes humorous) way. No bells, no whistles — just the music performed in a random, low-key setting followed by an unrehearsed chat. In an industry where everything often gets overblown and over manufactured, I’m hoping this is refreshing.