Everest Climbing and Danny Chait Rising

Being released from their record deal felt so freeing for the band Everest that their latest album in many ways felt like the very first time. No need to cue Foreigner. That’s just what the band conveyed to me during an A-Sides session filmed at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, NY earlier this month.

Their new album fittingly called Ownerless, the LA-based band, which was formed by Russell Pollard, Joel Graves and Jason Soda back in 2007, told me during an A-Sides session earlier this month that leaving Warner Bros. allowed them to make the kind of music they always wanted to, and perhaps strayed from. Watch below, and enjoy their performance of the title track. Oh, and catch them on the road alongside Alberta Cross and this fall with Neil Young with Crazy Horse. Yeah, I said Neil Young. Bad to the ass. Anyway … Watch. Listen. Love.

Everest – “Ownerless”

We move from a band opening up for a legend to a newcomer starting to open some eyes. How’s that for a segue? Westchester native and current Brooklynite Danny Chait has been getting some notices with his old-school “songwritery” rock EP “The Back Room.” Chait, who played South by Southwest (SXSW) and CMJ Music Marathon, stopped by the Conservatory to film an A-Sides session and perform his track “On.” Watch below you will. Yes?

“On” and interview

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