A-Sides Live! Events

An Off-Shoot of A-Sides with Jon Chattman, this live music series is based throughout Westchester County in collaboration with the Digital Arts Experience.

Artists Who We’ve Worked With Thus Far:
Logan Venderlic, Left in the Attic, Anna Rose, Wild Adriatic, The August Infinity, Emily Angell, TEEN, American Pinup, Honey, Goodnite Gracie, Jackson Harris, Low Rollers, Vice Count, Brendan Rivera, Bombers, Phone Home, John Black, Deluka*, Trouble Andrew*, 2AM Club*, The Last Royals*, Hank & Cupcakes*, J. Aims & The Fever*, The Front Bottoms*, Zoobombs*, Talking to Walls*, New Collisions*, Submarine Bells*, The Green Children*

* = as thecheappop.com presents

Past Events