Alice Ripley Lets It Rip

It’s been two-plus years since Alice Ripley electrified Broadway with her staggeringly brilliant and brave performance as a mother suffering from bipolar disorder in the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Next to Normal. Clearly, the… Continue reading

Twin Atlantic Get “Free” and JB Baretsky Serves “Life”

Twin Atlantic have more in common with Lethal Weapon actor Danny Glover than you might think. The Scottish rockers told me in an A-Sides interview earlier this week that they’re getting — to… Continue reading

They Might Be Front Bottoms and Black Taxi Rides

They might be the next They Might Be Giants or perhaps they’ll follow punk icons like Blink 182, and yes I hate calling that latter band “icons.” Their best bet, however, may be… Continue reading

Portugal. The Man & This Is The Now

We travel from Alaska to Brooklyn for this edition of A-Sides, but not literally. That said, it’d be cool if I could somehow transport people via a blog post. Get on that, Google.… Continue reading

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Some Funk and Soul Food for Your Ears

Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul, and always will be. Ditto for Michael Jackson and his King of Pop distinction. Sharon Jones made that abundantly clear in a recent “A-Sides” interview. Having… Continue reading

Board the Gary Clark, Jr. Train

Photo by Rich Tarantino Sometimes hype is just that… hype. Too many times, artists packaged as the “next big thing” fail to live up to the premature “it” factor when their albums drop.… Continue reading

Under the Covers With Chris Carrabba & Up Close and Personal With Mike Doughty

One Man Gang was a popular bad guy in the wrestling world in the 1980s. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re a fan of men in tights from the Teddy Ruxpin era) he has… Continue reading

The Kooks’ Show Us Their “Junk”

My wife isn’t exactly a fan of a lot of new music. She gets a little sick of hearing me talk up the latest, greatest artist I’m listening to, and tends to play… Continue reading

Get ‘Close’ With Butch Walker and Do “Cocaine” With DAMNDOGS

Does anyone remember that old skit on In Living Color about the Jamaican family whose members continually try to one-up each other by namedropping how many jobs they have? Of course you do.… Continue reading

Wilderness of Manitoba, Crystal Antlers, and Cosmo Jarvis

They say good things come in “threes.” Or is it bad things? I don’t remember, but it doesn’t matter. This edition of “A-Sides” features three unique artists who will either mellow you out… Continue reading