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A-Sides Exclusive: Dave Stewart “Raining in My Heart” Video Premiere

Photo/Collin Stark February 3, 1959 will forever be the day “the music died.” We all know the tragic story – we’ve heard about it for decades: Following a performance in Iowa, emerging stars… Continue reading

Ume Rocks You Like a ‘Hurricane,’ TEEN Dreams, & Ride With Caravan of Thieves

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” – Green Day September doesn’t know what it wants to be. On one hand, it’s a pretty kick ass month with beautiful weather that feels like a… Continue reading

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Dispatch Gets The Band Back Together

A lot happened in the world of music back in 1996. Sammy Hager left Van Halen. Alternative rock was king. Tupac Shakur was killed, and people – yes you – did the “Macarena.”… Continue reading

A-Sides Presents: Westchester’s First Annual Pop Goes the Culture

Westchester County, NY (August 21, 2012) – On Friday, November 2, Westchester will take a trip down memory lane with its first annual Pop Goes the Culture variety show, for which it is… Continue reading

A Master Class with Anchor & Braille

Anberlin front man Stephen Christian realizes the term “side project” can have some negative connotations to it. Is he just messing around with some other musicians? Is he going to leave Anberlin? Those… Continue reading

A-Sides Live To Honor Jimmy Snuka

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is among the honorees at the first ever Westchester County Pop Goes the Culture Variety and Awards Show – Nov. 2, 2012 at the White Plains Performing Arts Center (wppac.com).… Continue reading

Go West with PK & Head East with The Ugly Club

“The Lost Boys” is one of my favorite movies ever. The 1987 vampire flick blows “Twilight” out of the water on every level and comes equipped with the best soundtrack ever. Don’t agree?… Continue reading

Get “Head” From Electric Guest, Ride the Moon Taxi, and Welcome Back Shiny Toy Guys’ Carah Faye

I don’t care what anyone says. The song of the summer isn’t Carley Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” or Maroon Five’s dated “Payphone” and it’s certainly not Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake.” For my… Continue reading

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Everclear’s Art Alexakis Opens Up, Wild Adriatic Take Off, and Abby Bernstein Talks ‘in Tongues’

You wore flannel, and it was widely acceptable. You grew your hair out, but shaved it on the sides to create an awkwardly overgrown mushroom look. You moshed at any club who’d have… Continue reading

Everest Climbing and Danny Chait Rising

Being released from their record deal felt so freeing for the band Everest that their latest album in many ways felt like the very first time. No need to cue Foreigner. That’s just… Continue reading